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2012 January

Monthly Archives: January 2012

She came dressed in an adorable outfit, hair in curls, cute tights and boots and a huge smile.   He was stylishly clad in a plaid shirt and jeans, pant legs rolled up.   Lyla and I did some bonding over our favourite colour:  purple.  I had to learn to throw Christmas balls with one hand […]

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This family loves to play and have a little fun.  I followed them around their backyard one day last fall and you could tell that this is something that they do often, if wasn’t just for the pictures.  I also loved the little rivalry they have going on between the Montreal and Toronto fans in […]

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In 2012, I hope you laugh.   Not just a chuckle, chortle, giggle or a smile.   Don’t just turn that frown upside down.   Laugh until  your sides and face ache.  Laugh until your eyes and nose are running.  Laugh until you snort something out your nose (or  better yet, the other end).   Laugh until you […]

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